Barbershop & Salon

Experience grooming excellence at our fully-equipped barbershop and salon, where skilled stylists and beauticians offer personalized services, including haircuts, styling, manicures, and pedicures, leaving you looking and feeling your best for any occasion.


Explore a treasure trove of souvenirs and gifts at our on-site gift shop, offering a diverse selection of local crafts, artwork, and unique items that capture the essence of your stay, making it easy to find the perfect memento or thoughtful present for loved ones.


Enjoy peace of mind with ample and secure parking facilities, including private parking for in-house guests, 24-hour surveillance, and convenient access to our property, ensuring a hassle-free and safe experience during your stay.


Immerse yourself in a world of entertainment with our LED screen, DJ experience, and ambient music, creating a vibrant atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment, whether you're watching live sports, dancing to your favorite tunes, or simply unwinding with soothing melodies.

Lunar Park

Delight in a carnival of fun and excitement at our Lunar Park, featuring a variety of thrilling rides, games, and attractions for guests of all ages, making it the ultimate destination for family-friendly entertainment and memorable experiences.


Keep your vehicle in top condition with professional full-service car washes available for both in-house and walk-in guests, providing meticulous cleaning and care that meets and exceeds your expectations, ensuring your vehicle shines inside and out.